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Trouble report 685

Shimmering (aliasing) when you rotate a QTVR image

Versions affected

2.0 - 4.4


Image features such as thin lines and sharp edges may shimmer or crawl when you rotate a QTVR image created by The Panorama Factory.

The QuickTime viewer has two ways to generate images, the slower, high-quality method and the faster, lower-quality method. The Panorama Factory uses the lower-quality method to display the image while it is moving and then uses the high-quality method when you release the mouse button.

The moving image shimmers because the faster, lower-quality method is not filtered to eliminate image aliasing artifacts.  The slower, high-quality method applies an anti-aliasing filter, so the image artifacts disappear when the motion stops.

The Panorama Factory has been this way since its QTVR support was first implemented in 2001. The reason is that computers were not fast enough to use the slower, good method while the image was moving. It made the motion of the image jerky.




Corrected in V4.5.  Personal computer speed has increased to the point that it is reasonable to use the high-quality method even while the image is in motion.  This change was implemented in V4.5.

Revised: April 05, 2007

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