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Trouble report 1145

Does not work properly if installed into a folder with extended characters in its name

Versions affected

5.0 - 5.1 Mac Edition only


Installing The Panorama Factory into a folder whose name contains extended Unicode characters does not work properly.

For example, if you install it into a folder named


You may experience a variety of problems such as:



  • The list of camera manufacturers and models may be empty on Wizard Step 3 (Describe your camera) and on the Camera properties dialog box.

  • The Array, Correct barrel distortion, Correct brightness falloff and Rotate commands may be missing from the New Image menu: .

  • Import and export of panoramas in QTVR, PTViewer and IVR formats may be unavailable.

  • Web page templates and thumbnail index templates may be unavailable.


Install to a folder without extended character in its name.


Corrected in V5.2.

Revised: June 04, 2008

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