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Step C -- Rotate the cropped images 90 degrees clockwise

In this step, we rotate the cropped images 90 degrees to prepare them for row-to-row stitching

  1. Select all cropped thumbnails at once. Click the first cropped thumbnail to select it and then hold the CTRL key while you click each of the other cropped thumbnails. After these clicks, you should be able to see that the cropped thumbnails are selected and the stitched thumbnails are not selected.

  2. Choose the Rotate command (New image menu).  Answer Yes if you are asked whether you want to apply the command to the group of thumbnail images.

  3. Under Image rotation, enter 90 degrees and select Clockwise.

  4. Select Fit rotated image.

  5. Click OK.  This adds the rotated thumbnails to the upper pane.

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Revised: January 10, 2007

Text  2007 Smoky City Design, LLC and John Strait
Photos 2006 Stephen Wateridge, used with permission