Resize image dialog box

The Resize image dialog box controls the new size of the image when you use the Resize command (New image menu).  See “Classic step 5 – Resize the cropped image” in Chapter 4, “Using the Classic interface, step by step” to learn more about resizing images.

Source image size
Shows the width and height of the source image in pixels.

New image size
The width and height of the resized image in pixels.

Keep aspect ratio
Selecting this checkbox causes The Panorama Factory to preserve the aspect ratio when creating the new image. It does this by computing the corresponding width or height when you enter height or width. The Panorama Factory remembers whether you entered width or height so that if the Resize command (New image menu) is applied later to an image with a different aspect ratio it can recompute the corresponding value.

Load settings from profile:
Select a profile from this dropdown list to load all settings that apply to the current tool dialog box.

Save settings to a profile...
Select this button to activate the Save settings to a profile dialog box.   You can save the current settings to an existing profile or create a new profile to hold the settings.

To learn more, see the Profile organizer dialog box and the Save settings to a profile dialog box in Chapter 14, “Dialog boxes.”

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