Classic step 5 – Resize the cropped image

This is the time to resize the image if you wish. When you choose the Resize command (New image menu), The Panorama Factory runs the modal Resize image dialog box.  You enter the new size of the image with this dialog box.

The Panorama Factory scales the image using low-pass filtering so that the resulting image is free of sampling artifacts.

If you want to change the image size later, select the resized image and use the Show source command (Image menu) to redisplay the Resize image dialog box.

You can also resize a group of images by selecting a group of thumbnails before choosing the Resize command.  All the images will resize to the same width or height (or both), depending upon which numbers you enter into the dialog box.

On the other hand, if you like the size the way it is, just advance to the next step without resizing the image.

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