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How can I tell what version of Windows I have?

To determine which version of Windows you are running:

  1. Click the Windows Start menu (usually located in the lower left hand corner of the screen).

    NOTE: On Windows Vista, the Start menu is not labeled with the word "Start".  Instead, it displays only the Windows logo.

  2. Select the Run command from the Start menu, type msinfo32 into the Run dialog box and then click OK.

    NOTE: On Windows Vista there is no Run command.  Instead, you should type msinfo32 into the box containing the phrase "Start Search".

  3. A System Information window appears.

  4. Examine the value of the OS Name item.  If OS Name includes "Windows XP", "Windows Server 2003" or "Windows Vista" you have Windows XP or newer.

  5. For Windows XP, examine the value of the Version item.  You have Service Pack 2 only if Version contains the phrase "Service Pack 2".

  6. Otherwise you have an older version of Windows.

  7. For Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista, examine the value of the item System Type.  You have an x64 edition of Windows if System Type is "x64-based PC".


Revised: October 04, 2007

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