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Trouble report 806

Cannot export to QTVR format if image width is less than height

Versions affected

2.x, 4.x, 4.x, 5.0 all Editions


If the height of your image is larger than the width, The Panorama Factory displays this error message when you attempt to export it to a cylindrical QTVR file::

In VRPano_MakeCylinder, wImage==%d < hImage==%d


In VRPano_MakePanorama, myPictHeight==%d < myPictWidth==%d
(V2, V3 and V4)

(Note that the message shown by V2, V3 and V4 incorrectly interchanges the values for width and height.)

The Panorama Factory is designed for panoramic photography.  Panoramas are typically wider than they are tall.  The QTVR export filter checks to be sure the image width is greater than or equal to the image height.  The rationale for this check is that you may have accidentally rotated the image by 90 degrees.

However, this check can cause problems for panoramas that are legitimately taller than wide (vertical panoramas) and for non-panoramic images that are to be displayed in the QuickTime viewer.

Note that this check is not applied to cubic QTVR images.  The cubic format is more appropriate for vertical images.


If you are exporting a true panoramic image that is taller than it is wide, you may want to consider using cubic QTVR format.  To create a cubic QTVR, choose spherical projection when you stitch your image.


We have prepared a patch for The Panorama Factory V5.0 that removes this check on width and height.  If you need to use cylindrical projection, you should use this patch.

We have prepared a patch for The Panorama Factory V5.0 that corrects this problem.

This cumulative patch corrects the problems described in Trouble Reports 759, 761, 794, 802, 805, 806, 811, 823, 842, 854, 856, 895 and 899.

Windows Patch

Download here: (4.29 MB)

(supersedes patches 5.0.2669, 5.0.2673, 5.0.2675, 5.0.2677 and 5.0.2686)

To install the patch, either:

Select the "Open" button on the File Download dialog box (Internet Explorer) to run the setup automatically after the download finishes;


Save the patch file to your computer and then double-click it from Windows Explorer.

Mac Patch

Download here (3.1 MB)

(supersedes patches 5.0.2669, 5.0.2673, 5.0.2675, 5.0.2677and 5.0.2686)

  1. If the patch disk image does not open automatically in Finder, locate the downloaded file with Finder and double-click it to open it.
  2. In Finder, you should see a window with some instructions and the icon for a file with a name similar to Do_Patch_0000.term.
  3. Double-click the Do_Patch icon to install the patch.
  4. A Terminal window opens and displays messages about the patch installation.
  5. If all goes well, the messages in the Terminal window will tell you that the patch is complete.
  6. Close the Terminal window and eject the disk image.


Corrected in V5.1.

Revised: January 30, 2008

 1999-2008 Smoky City Design, LLC and John Strait