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Trouble report 805

UNC path names do not always work properly

Versions affected

5.0 all Windows Editions


UNC (Uniform Naming Convention) path names are Windows file names beginning with "\\" that refer to network file shares.  A file name may have a UNC path name if it is referenced through My Network Places, Network Neighborhood, Network, etc.

Sometimes UNC path names work properly in The Panorama Factory.  Other times you may receive an error message similar to:

Directory 'Hampton:\Users\test user\test.pfp' couldn't
be created (error 123: the filename, directory name, or
volume label syntax is incorrect.)

For more information about  UNC path names, refer to:


We have prepared a patch for The Panorama Factory V5.0 that corrects this problem.

This cumulative patch corrects the problems described in Trouble Reports 759, 761, 794, 802, 805, 806, 811, 823, 842, 854, 856, 895 and 899.

Windows Patch

Download here: (4.29 MB)

(supersedes patches 5.0.2669, 5.0.2673, 5.0.2675, 5.0.2677 and 5.0.2686)

To install the patch, either:

Select the "Open" button on the File Download dialog box (Internet Explorer) to run the setup automatically after the download finishes;


Save the patch file to your computer and then double-click it from Windows Explorer.


This problem does not exist in the Mac Edition of The Panorama Factory.


Corrected in V5.1.

Revised: January 30, 2008

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