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Trouble report 762

The application appears to freeze when you choose Print preview

Versions affected

5.0 m32 Edition, 5.0 x64 Edition and 5.0 Legacy Edition


When you choose the Print preview command, the Print preview window is displayed underneath the main window. In other words, the main window covers the preview window. But the main window is waiting for the preview window to finish, so it appears to be frozen.

This problem exists only in Windows Editions, not in the Mac Edition.


The workaround is to bring the Print preview window on top of the main window. You can do this using the Windows task bar. The Print preview window may have its own button on the task bar like this:

or, if there are a lot of things on the task bar, it may be combined with The Panorama Factory's button.  In this situation, you have to click the The Panorama Factory's button to see the Print preview item like this:

Either way, clicking the Print preview item will bring the preview window to the front. Closing the preview window will "unfreeze" The Panorama Factory.


Corrected in V5.1.

Revised: January 30, 2008

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