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Trouble report 683

Saw tooth edge on overlap region for stitched images that go more than 90 degrees above or below the horizon

Versions affected

4.0 - 4.4


In rare cases, the edges of the default overlap region are shown with a jagged, "saw tooth" edge.  In addition, the overlap blending is incorrect in this situation.

This problem occurs only for images with a large amount of camera tilt. It has been seen only when the stitched image goes more than 90 degrees above or below the horizon.  This happens when you tilt your camera enough that the images include the zenith (straight up) or nadir (straight down).


To correct this problem, manually redraw the overlap region to be slightly smaller than the bottom of the saw teeth.


Corrected in V4.5.

Revised: April 05, 2007

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