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Trouble report 682

White speckles on images with 16 bits per color channel

Versions affected

? - 4.4


The Panorama Factory uses 16 bits per color channel when you select Use 45-bit pixels on the Project properties dialog box (File menu).  This option is selected automatically if the first image you import has more than 8 bits per color channel.

If you select Use 45-bit pixels  and then export the image to PSD format, white speckles may appear spread throughout the saved image. The speckles may also appear if you select the Improve quality command (Image menu) with Use 45-bit pixels selected.

This problem does not occur for all stitching projects.  It only occurs when you use the result of one stitched image as the input for another within a single stitching project.  This type of project is used, for example, when doing Multi-row stitching with The Panorama Factory V4.

This problem also applies only to TIFF and PNG images that were created with more than 8 bits per color channel.  JPG and BMP images always have only 8 bits per color channel.


The workaround for the Improve quality command is simply to avoid using it.  This command is much less important in V4.x than it was in V3.x.  The normal image quality in V4.x has been improved to the point that it is very, very close to the output from the Improve quality command.

There is no workaround for the problem with PSD format except to use 8-bit images instead of 16-bit images.


Corrected in V4.5.

Revised: April 05, 2007

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