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Trouble report 663

Panoramic properties dialog box should require non-blank value for HFOV

Versions affected

4.0 - 4.4


The Panoramic properties dialog box is intended mainly for assigning attributes to finished panoramas that are imported from an external source (e.g. other stitching software).  You must enter the correct values for HFOV and VFOV to obtain satisfactory results.

However, the dialog box permits you to leave HFOV blank even when you have chosen This is a panoramic image.  If you then export the image to a VR format (QTVR, PTViewer or IVR), the exported image is invalid.  In the case of QTVR, the invalid file will cause the QuickTime viewer to fail with an abnormal termination.


Make certain to enter a non-zero value for HFOV.


Corrected in V4.5.

Revised: April 05, 2007

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