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Trouble report 623

Will not start or abnormal termination if a non-English language is chosen and the application folder is write protected

Versions affected

3.2 - 4.3


If The Panorama Factory's application folder is write protected, choosing a non-English language during the install may prevent the application from starting.  Choosing a non-English language after starting the application will cause an abnormal termination.

This problem normally occurs only if you are logged in as a user with limited privileges.  It does not occur if you are logged in with administrator privileges.

There are two possible workarounds for this problem

Workaround #1

Run The Panorama Factory from a user account with administrator privileges.

Workaround #2

Remove the write protection from The Panorama Factory's application folder:

  1. Log in with your Administrator account.

  2. Start the Windows File Explorer and browse to The Panorama Factory's program folder. This is usually:

    C:\Program Files\Smoky City Design\The Panorama Factory V4

  3. Select the folder and choose the Properties command from the File menu.

  4. Click the Security tab, select the Users entry and add Modify and
    Write permissions as shown in this example:

  1. If the Security tab is not available, you first have to disable "simple file sharing". To do this, choose the Folder Options command from the Tools menu in Windows File Explorer and remove the checkmark from Use Simple File Sharing as shown in this example:

NOTE: If you are running Windows XP Home, simple file sharing is enforced by default and cannot be disabled. You must boot the computer into Safe Mode and log in with the Administrator account, in order to see the Security tab.


Corrected in V4.4.

Revised: August 22, 2006

 1999-2006 Smoky City Design, LLC and John Strait