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Trouble report 583

Cropping a panorama from swing lens images hangs with infinite alert panel

Versions affected

4.0 - 4.2


When you apply the Crop command to a stitched image that is made with the Swing lens camera setting, you get the red cropping rectangle displayed on the stitched image.  When you click the Approve button on the Crop image dialog box, the program displays an alert panel telling you to enter a value between 1 and 360 for the field of view.  When you enter a value into one of the text boxes, you receive another alert panel before you can enter a value into the second text box.  To get out of the alert panel, you must terminate the program using Windows Task Manager.


This happens because the stitched image is marked as a panorama, but The Panorama Factory doesn't know the field of view (HFOV and VFOV) of the picture. When you stitch conventional images, the HFOV and VFOV are computed as part of the focal length detection process. But this process is skipped for swing lens photos.

Display of HFOV and VFOV was added to the Crop image dialog box in V4.  These values are blank after stitching with the Swing lens camera setting and this causes the infinite alert problem.


To workaround this problem, you must manually set the FOV before cropping. After stitching, right-click the stitched image and choose "Panoramic properties" from the popup menu (or select the command from the Image menu when the stitched image displayed in the large window). You should see that "This is a panoramic image" and "Cylindrical projection" are both selected but disabled. HFOV and VFOV are both blank. Enter a number into the HFOV.  Apply the Crop command after entering the HFOV.


Corrected in V4.3.  V4.3 requests the HFOV of your swing lens photos and uses that information to determine the HFOV and VFOV of the stitched image..

Revised: May 29, 2006

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