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Trouble report 582

"Can't import W1, W2, INSTALL.LOG, etc." when starting The Panorama Factory

Versions affected



On some computers, when you start The Panorama Factory it displays a message box containing a message such as:

Can't import W1 because the file type is not supported
Can't import INSTALL.LOG because the file type is not supported

This problem only affects the m32 Edition of The Panorama Factory.

You receive this error message if you have some old program shortcuts (perhaps on the desktop) that you created yourself, probably by copying ones from the Start menu. You created these shortcuts before installing the new m32 Edition of The Panorama Factory. Shortcuts for the older Legacy Edition use command line parameters like /W1, /W2, etc. that the newer version does not know how to interpret. In addition, the Legacy Edition shortcuts referenced the INSTALL.LOG file, but the newer version does not have this file.

When you installed the m32 Edition over the Legacy Edition, it updated the shortcuts (e.g. in the Start Menu) that were created by the original Legacy install. However, it was unable to update any shortcuts that you yourself created, e.g. on your desktop.


To correct this problem simply remove and re-create the shortcuts that show the problem.


Corrected in V4.3.  V4.3 ignores these shortcut parameters.

Revised: May 29, 2006

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