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Trouble report 526

Stitched image displays incorrectly after adjusting focal length or barrel correction

Versions affected



If you open an overlap region and then change then focal length or barrel correction while the zoom is set to 100%, the stitched image will be displayed incorrectly after you close the overlap region.  This problem makes it appear that some images were not rewarped.  The images actually are rewarped, but some of the overlap boundaries are not updated properly.  Therefore, the overlap boundaries have the shape determined by the old image warping.  This makes it appear that the images are incorrectly warped.


Set the zoom to something smaller than 100% before adjusting focal length or barrel correction.

If you experience this problem, there is no alternative except to restitch the panorama. with the Restitch command (Image menu).  To avoid having the restitch change the focal length or barrel correction, select I am certain of the focal length and deselect Automatic correction of barrel distortion on the Camera properties dialog box before restitching.


Corrected in V4.1.

Revised: December 01, 2005

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