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Trouble report 510

Abnormal termination at 0x6962e6b0 during fine tuning

Versions affected



This error is produced for some images and not for others.  It occurs only on some computers and not on others. And it occurs only during fine tuning when Exposure matching is selected.


If you encounter this error, you can use the following workaround to complete your panorama after recovering the project from its autosave file.

  1. Disable Exposure matching when stitching. If you use the Wizard, this is on Wizard Step 4. If you use the menu interface, it is on the Blending properties dialog box (Tools menu).
  2. Perform all stitching and fine tuning until you are satisfied with the alignment.
  3. Exit the Wizard (if you are using the Wizard).
  4. Finally, use the Blending properties dialog box (Tools menu) to enable Exposure matching. This reblends the panorama with Exposure matching enabled.


Corrected in V4.1.

Revised: December 01, 2005

 1999-2005 Smoky City Design, LLC and John Strait