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Trouble report 509

Abnormal termination if you attempt to crop multiple thumbnails

Versions affected



If you double-click an image so that it is displayed as the current image in the lower window pane, then select several thumbnails and then choose the Crop command (New image menu), you are prompted with this question:

You have selected a group of thumbnail images.  Do you want to apply this command to the selected thumbnails?

Yes:      Apply command to the selected thumbnails.
No:       Apply command to the current image
Cancel: Cancel the command

Clicking the "Yes" button produces an abnormal termination of the program.

The Crop command should not prompt with this question because it can be applied only to a single image.


Select "No" or "Cancel" when you receive this prompt in response to the Crop command.


Corrected in V4.1.

Revised: December 01, 2005

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