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Trouble report 499

Panning limits are set incorrectly for IVR format

Versions affected



The horizontal panning limits are set incorrectly when The Panorama Factory exports an image to IVR format.

For 360 degree panoramas, the image stops at 180 degrees when panning to the right.  When panning to the left, the image wraps around at the wrong location.

For partial panoramas, the image wraps around when panning to the left.


We have prepared a patch for The Panorama Factory V4.0 that corrects this problem.

You may download the patch with this URL:

To install the patch, either:

Select the "Open" button on the File Download dialog box (Internet Explorer) to run the setup automatically after the download finishes;


Save the patch file to your computer and then double-click it from Windows Explorer.

NOTE: This path applies only to V4.0.  It is not needed for previous versions (V3.x) and will no longer be needed once V4.1 is released.


Corrected in V4.1.

Revised: December 01, 2005

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