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Trouble report 443

Cannot return to default size in Trimming properties dialog box

Versions affected

3.2 - 3.3


The documentation for the Trimmed image size values on the Trimming properties dialog box states:

"If you have overridden the values, setting them to zero will cause The Panorama Factory to recompute the default size."

However, the dialog box won't accept a trimmed image size with a width of 0 or a height of 0. It displays an error message saying that integer value is required between 1 and 1000000.

If fact, even if you just open the trim properties and don't change anything and then attempt to save the untouched properties you may get the same error the moment you click OK.


If you are using the "Corners" trimming tool, you should start by trimming the first image. This will set the trimmed image size to default values based on the first set of corners as described in the help page. Then you can use the Trim properties dialog box to change the trim border size. The Panorama Factory will re-trim the original image and you can go on to trim the remaining images.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to reset the trimmed image size to its default values if you change the trimmed image width and height. But this is the only ability that was lost in V3.2.

All trimmed images must share the same trimming properties (this has always been true), so no other abilities have been lost that were present in earlier versions.


Corrected in V3.4.

Revised: May 04, 2005

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