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Trouble report 1114

"http://url#bookmark" notation doesn't work for QTVR images displayed by Internet Explorer

Versions affected

5.0 - 5.1 all Editions


If a hotspot is marked with the "This hotspot is also a bookmark" option on the Hotspot properties dialog box, then that hotspot can be used to set the initial view point and zoom of a VR image.  When you refer to a web page created by The Panorama Factory, you can add the hotspot name to the web page's URL to choose the initial view using the "http://url#bookmark" notation.

Unfortunately, this does not seem to work properly for QTVR images when their web pages are shown by Internet Explorer.  It seems to work properly in some other browsers, notably Firefox.

The problem seems to be caused by differences in the way that Internet Explorer and Firefox interpret the HTML code created by The Panorama Factory.


Corrected in V5.2.

Revised: June 04, 2008

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