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Gather information about The Panorama Factory installation

We have prepared a small program that gathers information related to the installation of The Panorama Factory.  We hope that this information will help us diagnose the difficulties you are having with The Panorama Factory.

Download PFInfo.exe (77.8 KB)

Please execute this program.  It will create a file called pfinfo.txt in your My documents folder.  Note that this folder may be called something different on your system, for example, on Windows systems sold in France it is called Mes documents.  The program will locate the correct folder on your system and store pfinfo.txt there.

It takes several minutes for the program to run.  It may be somewhat faster or slower depending upon the speed of your computer.  Upon successful completion of the program, it will open a Window Explorer to view the contents of your My documents folder and will display a message similar to this:

Created C:\Documents and Settings\jstrait\My Documents\PFInfo.txt
Hit Enter to close this window

Please send pfinfo.txt to  You may view pfinfo.txt in your favorite text editor (Notepad, Wordpad, etc.) if you wish to know what information it contains.

Thank you.

Revised: April 05, 2007

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