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Cumulative patch V5.2.2760 for The Panorama Factory V5.2

  1. Adds 84 new cameras to the camera library.
  2. Updates the Catalan, Chinese-Traditional, French, Hungarian, Japanese, Russian and Turkish translations.
  3. Corrects the problems described in Trouble Reports 1170, 1206 and 1346.  (These trouble reports apply only to the Mac edition; the Windows editions do not exhibit these problems.)


The Panorama Factory download files were updated to V5.2.2760 on January 12, 2009.  If you downloaded The Panorama Factory after after this update, you already have the most up-to-date version of the software and you do not need to download the patch.



Download from inside The Panorama Factory

The easiest way to download the patch is from inside The Panorama Factory. Open the Check for software updates dialog box (Help menu). This dialog box (new in V5.1) will tell you whether or not a patch or update is available for your copy of The Panorama Factory. If one is available, there will be a download button that will automatically select the correct download file.


Choose the patch yourself

To decide which patch to download, open the About dialog box (Help menu). Select the More button. The dialog box expands and shows detailed information about the version of The Panorama Factory that is installed on your computer.

The first line shows full version information including build number. For example:

The Panorama Factory V5.2.2760

The four digit number tells the build number. You need to install a patch only if it has a larger build number.

The second line shows the Edition name. It will include one of these names:

m32 Edition
x64 Edition
Legacy Edition
Mac Edition

You should install the patch with the corresponding edition name.

NOTE:  The x64 Edition setup installs both the x64 and m32 versions of The Panorama Factory.  The splash image shown on the About dialog box will display either "x64 Edition" or "m32 Edition" depending upon which version you selected from the Windows Start menu.  So you cannot use the splash image to decide which patch to download.  Instead, you should refer to the text in the expanded About dialog box to decide which patch to download.


Windows Patch

Download m32 Edition patch: (960 KB)

Download x64 Edition patch (960 MB)

Download Legacy Edition patch (793 KB)

To install the patch, either:

Select the "Open" button on the File Download dialog box (Internet Explorer) to run the setup automatically after the download finishes;


Save the patch file to your computer and then double-click it from Windows Explorer.


Mac Patch

Download Mac Edition patch: (6.4 MB)

  1. If the patch disk image does not open automatically in Finder, locate the downloaded file with Finder and double-click it to open it.
  2. In Finder, you should see a window with some instructions and the icon for a file with a name similar to Do_Patch_0000.term.
  3. Double-click the Do_Patch icon to install the patch.
  4. A Terminal window opens and displays messages about the patch installation.
  5. If all goes well, the messages in the Terminal window will tell you that the patch is complete.
  6. Close the Terminal window and eject the disk image.


Revised: January 12, 2009

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