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Step L -- Export the finished image

Finally, export the image to the desire format.  I recommend exporting in PTViewer format. You can also use IVR, but itís hard to find the IVR viewer these days. You cannot use QTVR because it does not support spherical projection. QTVR has a cubic format for full sphere panoramas, but PF does not support cubic QTVRs yet.

  1. Choose the Save current image as... command (File menu).  Select PTViewer from the Save as type dropdown list.  Then click PTViewer settings... to control how PTViewer displays your panorama.

  2. I like to add top and bottom caps to the full sphere image.  I usually make the top cap white and use a small BMP file for the bottom cap.

  3. Now sit back and enjoy the result of your hard work!

    This is a large image file ... about 800 KB.  It takes a long time to load and there may be a long delay with the message "Loading image... 100% complete."
    Please be patient!

    Mellon Square, Pittsburgh, PA

    Canon D60, Sigma 14mm lens, ISO 100, f/8 1/8 sec
    27 photos in 3 rows of 9 each
    360 degrees by approximately 165 degrees
    © 2005 John Strait

    View as a flat (unrolled) panorama

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Revised: January 31, 2006

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