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Step I -- Crop the rotated image to exactly 360 degrees

In this step, we crop the rotated image to exactly 360 degrees.  Each of the row images is 380 degrees and the final stitched image is approximately 380 degrees, but probably slightly larger.

  1. Choose the Crop command (New image menu).

  2. Select Horizontally symmetric and enter 3600 for W under Cropped image size. This will crop the image to exactly 360 degrees because the images have a horizontal angular resolution of 10 pixels per degree.

    NOTE: We're entering 3600 because we cropped to 380 degrees in Step D and resized to 3800 in Step E.  If you use different values in Steps D or E, you must calculate the crop width this way:

    crop width = StepE_W * 360 / StepD_HFOV

  3. Click Approve.

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Revised: January 31, 2006

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