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Step I -- Save or print the finished image

Finally, save or print the image.  You can save as JPG, TIF, PNG or BMP if you just want to show it as a simple image or you can export to PTViewer or IVR format if you want to display the image in a VR viewer.  I recommend exporting in PTViewer format. You can also use IVR, but itís hard to find the IVR viewer these days. You cannot use QTVR because this example uses spherical projection and QTVR does not support spherical projection.

In this example, we used Photoshop to fill the missing piece of sky at the upper left corner and to extend the blue sky a bit more above the top of the spire.

Calvary Episcopal Church, Pittsburgh, PA
Canon D60, Canon 28mm lens, ISO 100, f/8 1/250 sec
6 hand held photos in 2 rows of 3 each

2005 John Strait

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Revised: January 10, 2007

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