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Step G -- Crop the image

In this step, we crop the rotated image to remove extraneous white space.  If we want to, we can simultaneously flatten the perspective.

  1. Choose the Crop command (New image menu).

  2. Set cropping parameters as you wish, or keep the defaults.  If you have gotten everything right, the Perspective correction option should create a conventional image that preserves straight lines.  You should not use perspective correction if you plan to display the image in a VR viewer.

  3. Drag the boundaries of the cropping region to enclose the part of the image you want to keep.

  4. Click Approve.

  5. Note that we allowed the cropping area to include a little bit of the white background at the upper left corner of the image.  It is not unusual for a hand held panorama to have a missing piece like this because it's difficult to be completely consistent in photographing the rows.  We'll fix this later with Photoshop.

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Revised: January 10, 2007

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