Troubleshooting guide

Examine the stitched image carefully. If The Panorama Factory did its job well, all the overlap regions are properly aligned, there are no ghosts and the brightness of your picture is satisfactory. If you see problems, work through this troubleshooting guide to correct them.

You don’t need to be concerned about correcting all of the problems at once.  You can make the corrections described in this step at any time. If you discover problems later after cropping, resizing or sharpening, you can return to this step. As you make your corrections, The Panorama Factory will automatically update your cropped, resized and sharpened images accordingly.

Some images are misaligned
 Read “
Correcting alignment problems” and “Manually aligning images.”

Images are properly aligned, but lines do not meet smoothly
 Read “Adjusting focal length and barrel correction.”

There are ghosts (faint double images)
 Read “Fine tuning the image alignment.”

The brightness changes from image to image
Read “There are abrupt changes in brightness” and “Adjusting exposure matching and brightness falloff.”

There are dark vertical bands where images overlap
Dark vertical bands are sometimes caused by brightness “fall-off” in the corners of your images.  Read “Adjusting exposure matching and brightness falloff” for step-by-step instructions for correcting this.

 The image brightness is wrong or shows objectionable color shifts
If the brightness or color balance is incorrect, read “Controlling automatic exposure correction.”

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