Cylindrical projection

In cylindrical projection, the image is first mapped onto the surface of a cylinder and then the cylinder is unrolled.  It can represent a full 360 degrees horizontally, but cannot represent the full vertical view.  It is the type of image produced by a swing-lens or rotational panoramic camera.  Straight lines are not preserved and the image shows a characteristic “panoramic distortion”.  Some find this appealing and others find it objectionable.

·         Available stitching method for The Panorama Factory.

·         Similar to the result from a swing-lens or rotational panoramic camera.

·         Suitable for full circle and partial panoramas.

·         Limited to about 140 degrees vertical field of view.

·         Objectionable vertical stretching beyond about 100 degrees.

·         Exports to cylindrical QTVR format.

·         Does not export to PTViewer format.

·         Suitable for printing.

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