Import image file formats

The Panorama Factory can import images in a variety of formats.  Each import filter has particular capabilities and limitations.  Some limitations are determined by the file format itself (for example, TIFF does not support hotspots) and others are limitations of the import filter.

To import an image, use the Import images... command (File menu).  You choose the import format from the Files of type dropdown list of the Import Images dialog box.

For more information on a particular format, See its section in this chapter of the user’s guide

Read web page

Image only


Pano­ramic attri­butes

JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg)
See “JPEG settings dialog box




TIFF (*.tif, *.tiff)
See “TIFF settings dialog box




Windows BMP (*.bmp, *.dib)




PNG (*.png)
See “PNG settings dialog box




HTML image map (*.html, *.htm) [6]




QTVR (*.mov)
See “QTVR image file format




IVR (*.ivr, *.html, *.htm)
See “IVR image file format




PTViewer (*.html, *.htm)
See “PTViewer image file format




Windows Imaging Component (various formats)
See “Windows Imaging Component




Read web page
The import filter is capable of reading a web page that contains your picture.  All images of the specified type will be imported from the web page.  Certain formats (e.g. TIFF and BMP) cannot be included in a web page.

Image only
The import filter reads only the image file.  That is, it will not read a web page or other supporting file.

The import filter will import hotspots in the image.  See Editing hotspots on an existing image for instructions on how to view and edit the hotspots.

Panoramic attributes
The import filter reads the panoramic attributes to determine whether the image was prepared with spherical or cylindrical projection and to find the horizontal and vertical field of view of the image.  An image with panoramic attributes can be re-exported to a different panoramic format.  See also [8].



1.   Hotspots are read from the web page.

2.   This format supports Rectangular hotspots only.  If you used other shapes when you saved the panorama, they were converted to rectangles.

3.   This format supports Spot and Rectangular hotspots only.  If you used other shapes when you saved the panorama, they were converted to rectangles.

4.   The PTViewer import filter supports hotspots specified with the 'hotspot' parameter in the APPLET tag.  It does not support hotspot masks because these use GIF images.  GIF is not supported by The Panorama Factory.

6.   The HTML image map import filter supports JPG and PNG images that have hotspots defined with HTML image maps.

7.   When hotspots are imported from this image format, they may have a slightly different shape than when they were exported.  For example, circle hotspots will be imported as polygons that approximate the original circle.

8.   Although some image formats do not preserve panoramic attributes, you can assign panoramic attributes to any image after importing it by using the Panoramic image properties dialog box (Image menu).

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