Wizard step 1/9 – Import your images

The first step of the Stitching Wizard prompts you to import the images that you will use to construct your panorama.

Start by pressing the import button:


Imports your images.

The Panorama Factory displays the Import Images dialog box so you can select the images to open. When you open images, The Panorama Factory places them at the end of the imported thumbnails.

You can use the Import... button as many times as necessary to import all your images.

Your images must be right side up and in order from left to right in the main window.  If your images are not right side up, press one of these buttons to rotate them:

Rotate right 90

Rotates clockwise 90 degrees.

Rotate left 90

Rotates counter-clockwise 90 degrees.

Rotate 180

Rotates 180 degrees.

When you open multiple images at the same time, The Panorama Factory loads them in alphabetical order.  Usually this will put your images in the correct order, but if it orders them in reverse (from right to left), use:

Reverse order

Reverses the order of the images.

In some cases, the image order may be scrambled so that the reverse button cannot put them in the correct order.  In this case, to move individual images to their correct positions, you should click and drag them in the main window.

If you import more images than you need, you should delete the extras from your project.  Or, if you wish, you can remove them from the panorama but leave them in the project.  To delete images, select them in the main window by clicking their thumbnails and type the DELETE key.  To remove images from the panorama without deleting them from the project, select the images and use:

Remove images

Removes selected images from the panorama.

To indicate that the images have been removed from the panorama, their thumbnails are displayed with faded colors.  If you remove an image from the middle of the panorama, its thumbnail is moved to the end of the list so that the images in the panorama are in an uninterrupted sequence.

If you remove the wrong image, you can add it back into the panorama by selecting it and using:

Add images

Adds selected images to the panorama.

Another way to add and remove images from the project is to click and drag their thumbnails.  If you drag a thumbnail that has been removed from the project onto one that is part of the project, it will be added back into the project.  If you drag a thumbnail onto one that has been removed from the project, it will also be removed.


When you are satisfied with your imported images, press the Next> button to advance to the next step of the Wizard.  You must import at least 2 images before the Wizard will permit you to go on to the next step.


To choose whether the Wizard will run automatically the next time you start The Panorama Factory, select one of these radio buttons:

Next time use the Wizard interface
Select this option if you want the Wizard to run automatically each time you start The Panorama Factory.

Next time use the Classic interface
Select this option if you do not want the Wizard to run automatically each time you start The Panorama Factory.  In this case, The Panorama Factory will start with a new, blank project each time you run it.  You can return to the Wizard by selecting the New project wizard command (File menu).

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