Filter control dialog box

This dialog box controls the 3x3 or 5x5 FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter coefficients used by the Enhance command (New image menu). As you change the filter coefficients, The Panorama Factory shows you the effect interactively within the preview rectangle.

Filter kernel
The 3x3 or 5x5 convolution kernel coefficients.

Filter type

3x3           3x3 FIR filter.

5x5           5x5 FIR filter.

Sharpen          3x3 sharpening filter. This filter is generated automatically from its center coefficient. You can also use the slider to control the center value.

Filter shape

Horizontally symmetric

Vertically symmetric

Circularly symmetric
Constrains the filter to have the specified symmetry.

Constrains the filter be separable. A separable filter can be applied in separate horizontal and vertical passes. This has the potential of improving filtering speed (although The Panorama Factory currently does not take advantage of this).

Normalizes the filter coefficients so that the filter neither brightens nor darkens the image (on average). Selecting this option causes The Panorama Factory to divide each filter coefficient by the sum of all coefficients when the filter is applied.

Load settings from profile:
Select a profile from this dropdown list to load all settings that apply to the current tool dialog box.

Save settings to a profile...
Select this button to activate the Save settings to a profile dialog box.   You can save the current settings to an existing profile or create a new profile to hold the settings.

To learn more, see the Profile organizer dialog box and the Save settings to a profile dialog box in Chapter 14, “Dialog boxes.”

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