Correct brightness falloff dialog box

This dialog box controls the parameters used by the Correct brightness falloff command (New image menu).  As you change the parameters, The Panorama Factory shows you the effect interactively within the preview rectangle.

If your camera and lens combination exhibit brightness falloff (vignetting) in the corners you can use these controls to correct it.

Amount — Enter the percentage of brightness reduction in the corners as compared with the center of the image.  For example, value of 30 means that the corners are 30% less bright than the center (approximately one half stop).  To disable the correction, enter zero.

Size — Enter the spread of the falloff outward from the corners of the image, expressed as a percentage.  The value roughly represents the amount of the image affected by the falloff.  For example, a value of 10 means that approximately 10% of the image is affected by the falloff.  Because brightness falloff is gradual, this is only a rough expression of the coverage, not a precise measurement.

Load settings from profile:
Select a profile from this dropdown list to load all settings that apply to the current tool dialog box.

Save settings to a profile...
Select this button to activate the Save settings to a profile dialog box.   You can save the current settings to an existing profile or create a new profile to hold the settings.

To learn more, see the Profile organizer dialog box and the Save settings to a profile dialog box in Chapter 14, “Dialog boxes.”







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