Top and bottom caps dialog box

Full-sphere panoramas usually have holes at the top and bottom.  These are areas that the original photographs did not cover.  This happens especially at the bottom of the image because of the tripod.  For VR display, you usually want to fill the holes with something—a color, a small image (a company logo for example), or something like the The Panorama Factory's "mirror ball".The Top and bottom caps dialog box controls the way that The Panorama Factory fills these holes.  Top and bottom caps allow the user to look up to the zenith (north pole) and down to the nadir (south pole) even if the vertical field of view is less than 180 degrees.

Top cap

Bottom cap
Use the dropdown menu to choose the type of top or bottom cap

Mirror ball — Fills the hold with a simulation of a mirrored sphere sometimes used as a garden ornament known as a “gazing ball”.  If the bottom cap is set to Mirror ball you will see the rest of the image, including the zenith, reflected in the ball.

Fill with color — Fills the hole with a color.

Image — Fills the hole with an image.  The largest circle that fits within the image is copied into the hole.

Border or fill color
Click the color well to select a color for the top cap.

Image filename
Enter an image file name in the text field or use the Browse... button to browse for the image file name.

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