Windows Imaging Component

NOTE: This help section applies to the Windows m32 and x64 Editions only.

Windows Imaging Component (WIC) is an extensible imaging framework introduced by Microsoft in Windows Vista and Windows XP Service Pack 3.  It is built into Windows and permits applications like The Panorama Factory to automatically support new image file formats

If your Windows computer supports WIC, The Panorama Factory extends the Files of type drop down list on the Import Images dialog box with additional image file formats.  The Panorama Factory adds the prefix “WIC” to the names of these additional formats.  For example:

WIC WMPhoto Decoder (*.wdp)
WIC ICO Decoder (*.ico; *.icon)
WIC Canon .CRW .CR2 .TIF RAW Decoder (*.crw; *.cr2)

We do not supply WIC decoders with The Panorama Factory.  However, WIC includes built-in support for a variety of standard image file formats and can be extended by installing plug-ins.  Camera RAW image file formats are supported in this manner.  To add support for your camera RAW files you must download and install the WIC plug-in for your camera.

Some plug-ins are available free or for a fee from camera manufacturers and from third parties.  Here is a partial list of camera RAW plug-ins for WIC:

When you save a project file containing images imported by WIC, you are given the opportunity to convert them to a standard format (BMP, TIF or PFI) or leave them in their original format.  Leaving the images in their original format is faster and may use less disk space.  However, if you transfer the project to a computer that does not have WIC (e.g. a Mac) or to a computer that does not have the same WIC plug-ins, the images may be unreadable.  For this reason, it may be prudent to convert the images when you save an archival copy of the project.

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