Modifying your stitching project

As you work on your stitching project you may find that you want to modify one of the images in your panorama. For example, after cropping and sharpening, you might want to recrop the image differently.  You don’t need to start over and repeat all the work you’ve done.  The Panorama Factory’s projects allow you to modify the settings of any particular image processing step, even those that were followed by other steps.  Then the derived images can be recalculated automatically, based upon the modified image.

When you approve a modification to an image, The Panorama Factory marks the derived images as out of date.  To indicate that an image is out of date, The Panorama Factory displays a gray rectangle in place of the thumbnail.  An underlined ? is shown in the center of the thumbnail.  When you’re ready to recalculate the derived image, either double-click the image or select the image and use the Show image command (Image menu).

With the exception of stitched images, to change the image you select its thumbnail and use the Show source command (Image menu).  This command displays the dialog box that was used to create the image.  You can modify the settings and approve the changes.

Stitched images are more complex and there are many more ways to modify them.  Here are some of the ways to modify your stitched image:

  1. Change the settings on any of these dialog boxes:

Camera properties dialog box
Alignment properties dialog box
Blending properties dialog box
Fine tuning properties dialog box

When you approve the change to the dialog box, The Panorama Factory will prompt you to restitch the panorama.  If you’re planning to make changes to several dialogs, you may choose to delay restitching until you have made all the changes.

  1. Modify the overlap regions as described in under “Classic step 3 – Correct problems with the stitched image”.  You can correct image-to-image misalignments, adjust focal length and barrel correction (if you chose the automatic stitching method), fine tune the image alignment, adjust the brightness falloff correction or adjust the blending of the overlaps between pairs of images.

These editing operations are also discussed in more depth in Chapter 6, “Correcting stitching problems.”

  1. Run the Wizard on the stitched image.  You can use the Restart the Wizard command (Image menu) to start the Wizard on the stitched image even if you did not use the Wizard to create it in the first place.  This lets you use the full power of the Wizard, including semi-automatic or manual stitching, to modify your panorama.

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