Features and capabilities

The Panorama Factory provides a rich set of features:

Easy to use:

·         A Wizard helps you stitch your photos with just a few mouse clicks.

·         Automatic detection of focal length.

·         Detection of camera rotation and tilt.

·         Easy rotation of imported images.

·         Includes a library of over 800 digital camera models including digital SLRs.

·         Localized versions for Catalan, Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian-Bokmal (63%*), Polish, Russian, Slovak (81%*), Spanish (98%*), Turkish (24%*).  Online help is "bilingual" (commands, buttons, etc. in the local language with explanations in English).
* Translation percent complete as of March 3, 2009.  Others are 100% complete.
The Chinese and Japanese language versions require the x64, m32 or Mac Edition.

·         Lets you save user preferences for all applicable dialog boxes.

Attention to image-quality issues:

·         Includes automatic and manual “de-ghosting” tools.

·         Automatically or manually correct barrel distortion and brightness falloff.

Support for immersive virtual reality:

·         Output to QTVR, IVR, PTViewer or HTML image map format.

·         Use hotspots to create virtual tours by hyperlinking from one VR image to another.

·         Import existing VR images in order to edit and re-export them in other formats.

·         Create web pages from pre-defined templates or templates you create yourself.

·         Create thumbnail index web pages.

True full color support:

·         Accepts up to 45-bit color images (15 bits each for red, green and blue).

·         Supports color managed workflows including conversion to working color space.

·         Reads and writes Windows BMP, JPEG, TIFF and PNG images.

·         Exports to layered Photoshop image format.

·         Optionally maintains full 45-bit data until final image output at 24-bits.

·         Can work from positive or negative images.

·         Includes a convenient and intuitive color correction tool.

·         Trims images from negative strips with a semi-automatic corner finding tool.

Fast, high-quality image processing engine:

·         Focal-length refinement.

·         Image overlap from 1-99%.

·         Automatic image alignment with manual override.

·         Bicubic image sampling is used to maintain image quality.

·         Image rescaling with Lanczos2 filtering – perfect for creating thumbnail images.

·         Multi-threaded execution on multi-processor systems (including multi-core systems).

·         64-bit processor support for the x64 Edition of Windows XP, 2003, Vista or 7.

·         Batch processing version available for bulk panorama renderings.

Customer support:

·         Printable user guide in PDF format.

·         Troubleshooting guide and frequently asked questions.

·         Comprehensive online help pages.

·         Dedicated support forum.

·         Free updates for minor versions (e.g.: V5.2 is a free update for owners of V5.0 and V5.1).

Project-file organization:

·         Allows you to change intermediate images without starting over.

·         Enables archival storage with reduced disk space.

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