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Download Trouble?

I'm sorry you are experiencing trouble downloading The Panorama Factory.

If your download starts, but terminates before it is complete, it may help to use a download manager.  Some download managers are able to resume interrupted downloads without having to start over at the beginning.  Others can send a downloaded file to your email address for faster access.

If the previous suggestion does not work for you, please send an email message to and I'll do my best to solve your problem.

Some download managers that appear to support resuming or emailing are

I think all of these packages are either freeware or shareware.  They are available directly from their web sites and may also be available from shareware distribution sites such as

This page is neither an endorsement nor a recommendation for download managers in general nor for any particular download manager.  I have not personally used download managers, but I have heard from other users that they are worth trying.

John Strait
Smoky City Design, LLC

Revised: September 05, 2007

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