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The Panorama Factory FAQ

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This topic is intended for questions related to The Panorama Factory. Before submitting a question, please check the online help, FAQ, trouble reports and tips:

If you're new to online forums, please read the Posting Guidelines. Posts not related to The Panorama Factory, as well as duplicate postings, will be removed from this area. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring that this area remains useful for all users of The Panorama Factory.

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  Thread Last Poster Posts Pages Last Post
Free Wedding Preset #3 "Contrast"Greg Poulsen8-26-19  8:47 am
TEZZA PRESETSGreg Poulsen8-22-19  3:12 am
COLES CLASSROOM PRESETSGreg Poulsen8-22-19  3:11 am
How to modify the final image in photoshopGreg Poulsen8-08-19  8:21 am
Cannot see a saved LivePicture....where do I download Plug-Ins?Greg Poulsen8-07-19  2:35 pm
Modifying in PhotoshopFTP7-26-19  2:06 am
Problem with QTVR + cropShentonCharlotte12-21-18  5:11 pm
"Cannot convert to a layered photoshop image"John Strait8-12-17  5:06 pm
Center of PanRoger Joyner11-02-16  8:34 pm
Exposure GradientJohn Strait10-10-15  1:04 pm
Feature Request - Keep EXIF dataGraham Watson9-05-15  4:58 am
Date and time for panoramas Graham Watson9-05-15  4:46 am
Photo Banner Printingdanica strong38 4-01-14  6:49 am
Starting a VT business using PFSheila Say2-15-14  7:54 pm
Can Panorama Factory make a 360 panorama photo into a linear one ?Ken Yull1-12-14  6:36 pm
Transitions between panos via hotspotsLen Kagelmacher10-21-13  10:40 pm
Docked Wizard Panel has disappeared, would like it backKen Yull10-21-13  8:32 pm
Galaxy S4 Camera setting(s)Michael G. Hanlon9-01-13  3:46 am
Mountain LionGerard Koning5-21-13  2:28 pm
Can I insert a floor plan with view angle with this software?John Strait10-01-12  10:03 am
Blurry panoDoug MacArthur7-21-12  4:09 pm
New user problemsJohn Strait7-15-12  3:41 pm
PFBatch_64.exe license watermark on registered vers.John Strait9-27-11  10:07 pm
Perspective Images using HDR clonesJohn Strait8-10-11  7:43 am
Problem with quality of Quicktime QVTR outputSam Pringle4-07-11  4:44 pm
Nearly 1 year without updateOlivier Detry23 3-25-11  5:34 pm
Mutli cameras side by side for pano-how to sync zoom settingDavid Richardson2-21-11  1:54 am
Panorama from video camera.amey kanade2-11-11  5:35 pm
My digital camera is not shown in the list of camerasDavid Richardson16 1-02-11  2:30 pm
Printing the panoramic pictures.ke anthony11-04-10  10:14 pm
Version 4: 360 * 180 Panoramayuli10-25-10  5:05 am
Best cameraDavid Richardson7-27-10  3:20 pm
Epson 2100 printing problemramachswain7-01-10  8:18 am
Adding text labelV E Smith6-13-10  12:59 pm
Quicktime 7.6.6 with panorama 5.3 on Win 7 64 bit how?David Richardson6-08-10  5:39 pm
Small amount of rotationOle Arin Sakshaug5-30-10  4:52 pm
Losing pictures when going from 'stitched' to 'sharpened'...David Richardson5-13-10  9:43 am
360 degrees ringDavid Richardson4-29-10  4:05 am
How do I change the Fine Tuning Properties?David Richardson3-26-10  1:10 pm
Out of Memory!Wayne Nolting40 3-11-10  10:27 pm
Can I control where PF opens its scratch files?David Herberg12-24-09  3:49 pm
Windows 7David Herberg12-24-09  3:41 pm
Ptviewer multiple panoramasPierre Forget12-03-09  10:44 am
Panorama Viewer David Richardson10-23-09  11:43 pm
PresentationAdmin10-08-09  7:10 pm
ERROR!Larry Derby9-01-09  5:18 am
Stitching 622 images...leehyori8-05-09  11:18 pm
Error on installRon Lysik7-21-09  12:27 pm
Final image looks really weirdaki malinen7-17-09  8:26 am
Webpage doesn't show panorama-pictureRonald Randell7-15-09  12:01 am
Panoramas on Eson R1900 or R2880?Albert Yan6-23-09  1:25 am
Bad ghosting when creating a clone for HDRJohn Strait6-10-09  8:01 am
360° Buttom PictureOlivier Detry5-22-09  10:29 am
Polygon Hotspots Crash PFJoseph Greer4-28-09  1:55 pm
Cropping?Chris Rennie4-16-09  7:40 am
QTVR Movie problemEdwin van der Wouden4-08-09  2:32 pm
How to simulate Cinerama?John Rappold3-08-09  3:51 pm
Final image does not show all my panorama...pere noel2-12-09  11:04 am
Trouble saving the 360 degree panorama viewsSean Patrick Heuser1-09-09  4:13 pm
The program only properly creates a 360 degree photo when the photo...David Richardson12-21-08  5:35 pm
Having trouble creating 360 degree tours. Help please?sdfsd12-11-08  9:26 am
3 row please helpMarijan12-11-08  7:48 am
Creating hot spots to link to another website - not working :sJohn Strait12-11-08  7:44 am
Seam in print not in fileGerard Koning11-20-08  4:04 pm
Caps for the 360 sphere panoramaJohn Strait10-24-08  1:17 pm
Leveling Multi-Row PanoramaOlivier Detry9-23-08  4:38 am
HDRJohn Strait9-19-08  7:02 pm
Feature request: 3D Connection Space Navigator supportLarry R7-28-08  7:48 am
Panorama picture multiple projector projectionDavid Richardson7-17-08  11:32 pm
Image OrientationBob Flegg7-13-08  7:13 pm
Vertical stitchingJohn Strait13 7-13-08  10:02 am
Any dual processor advantage?John Strait10 6-29-08  6:36 pm
Crash with msvcrt.dllAleksandar6-29-08  12:40 pm
Sample tourjuan6-09-08  2:14 am
Sample tourjuan6-09-08  1:14 am
Templatejuan6-04-08  3:30 am
Out of Memory ErrorLarry R6-03-08  11:00 am
Cannot export images as qtvrJohn Strait15 5-27-08  9:27 am
Getting startedDavid Richardson4-14-08  8:45 pm
Zoom a hight quality picture with PTViewerJohn Strait4-10-08  7:25 pm
Can i add hotspots rollover image in Panorama Factory?Mateusz4-04-08  1:46 pm
Using a combination or manual and automatic stitchingMatthew Donaldson3-25-08  8:21 am
Make a rolling photo movie...Marcelo Tsuha Nagase3-23-08  11:06 pm
Top- and Bottom-Pic for cubicOlivier Detry3-15-08  4:11 pm
Stitchin from objects like a houseRick3-08-08  3:04 pm
Fisheye Panoramas Yes/NoDane hidden3-01-08  6:53 pm
Can't install new Panorama Version 5.1John S Mackenzie2-19-08  4:35 pm
Suppress warping while manual stitchingRonald Tomm2-06-08  6:55 am
Apple MacJohn Strait38 1-27-08  4:06 pm
PF for Mac: Can't write QTVR file to RAID partitionDave Schreiber1-20-08  4:59 pm
Compatibility with VISTA ULTIMATE 64bitFrank Grages1-03-08  1:47 pm
Searching the gallerycameron lyall12-13-07  2:03 pm
Html code for param name or is there another way?Mario Restrepo11-28-07  1:35 pm
V 5 Thumbnail problemDavid Richardson11-28-07  3:29 am
Panoramic setting on cameraDavid Richardson11-25-07  5:13 pm
Need for speed: What are the key factors in hardware for speeding u...John Strait11-16-07  8:28 am
Disabling crop functionOlivier Detry11-15-07  11:03 am
Problem saving as qtvr in version 5John Strait11-08-07  12:33 pm
PF for MacJohn Strait10-30-07  7:31 am
Panorama Factory 5.9.2667 freezeChristian Mueller10-23-07  1:59 pm
Mac Version?John Strait21 10-17-07  1:33 pm
New PDF with only the New-Pages ?Gregor10-15-07  4:49 am
Warp grid too coarseBret Burns10-14-07  6:29 pm
Pictures won´t stitch: Is there a limitation in the vertical angle ...Frank Grages10-03-07  8:40 am
Alternate View State?e flom21 10-03-07  3:07 am
Multi Row HDR panoramaOlivier Detry10-02-07  11:25 am
QTVR: max height more than 2046 pixels?Larry Robinson9-22-07  5:47 pm
Fish eye virtual toursTony Belmont9-17-07  2:47 pm
360 panoramJohn Strait9-05-07  8:53 am
360 x 180° Panos: 2 out of 3 ain´t bad...Frank Grages8-15-07  2:16 pm
Camera Settings and PolarizersFrank Grages8-12-07  10:50 am
LinuxCristy Lovergon17 7-31-07  5:44 am
Upgraded to 4.5John Strait7-23-07  1:08 pm
Distorsion in Multiple Row PanoramasJohn Strait7-20-07  3:19 pm
Installing upgradeJohn Strait7-20-07  3:18 pm
Panorama PresentationDavid Richardson7-17-07  2:16 pm
Multiple Camera PanoramasDavid Richardson7-17-07  2:03 pm
Multi Row stitchingklara13 7-10-07  12:35 pm
Installation Error: Panorama Factory 1.6 Cristy Lovergon7-06-07  7:56 am
'Scrolling' resulting imageOlivier Detry11 7-04-07  3:01 am
Panorama Viewer on Pocket PCOlivier Detry7-03-07  3:46 pm
How to turn SPHERICAL pan into a QTVR?Gregor6-29-07  5:45 am
Calling a JavaScript function from a hotspotJohn Strait6-22-07  12:35 pm
Final panorama is too TALL (aspect ratio is vertically stretched?)...John Strait6-13-07  1:23 pm
Blending region default widthDavid Richardson6-07-07  5:35 pm
Panorama - QTVR or Java?rohan hill6-06-07  3:09 am
Making 360 panoramic from a balloonEric5-29-07  2:45 am
Qubic Panorama ?Olivier Detry5-23-07  3:18 am
QTVR compression codecs Larry Robinson5-02-07  1:07 pm
360x180 problemOlivier Detry4-25-07  3:26 am
Making a stand-alone QTVRDavid Porath4-05-07  7:17 am
Sharpening-Can't stop it.David Porath4-03-07  5:40 pm
Stitching-single personJohn Strait3-30-07  10:09 am
Where is the warp grid from step 7?isaac3-21-07  10:44 am
BEST WAY TO GET 2 PHOTOS THE SAME SIZEisaac3-20-07  5:49 pm
Sony DSC f&)& and f717 Nodal Pointphil marmolejo3-13-07  11:41 pm
I.E. ActiveX Warning MessageAllan Akers3-05-07  5:40 am
Viewing a red image instead of my vr on lineJohn Strait2-26-07  2:11 pm
QTVR files not loading in Internet Explorer 7.0David Richardson2-14-07  2:12 pm
Returned error -43Crazy Heart11 1-29-07  6:14 pm
Maximum barrel distortion correctionBrian Sullivan1-12-07  5:35 pm
Support for Quicktime 7 QTVRBrian Johnson1-03-07  9:16 am
When will there be a new Version 5.X ?Gregor1-02-07  7:11 am
No help Brian Johnson12-29-06  9:38 am
Editing a panorama Philippe11-29-06  6:43 am
Removing watermarksRob Somerset11-26-06  10:10 pm
Underwater wreck rectilinear mosaics John Strait11-13-06  8:39 pm
Panoramas in real estatemorten fidjeland11-11-06  3:30 pm
Camera moving on a linear axisA Jordan10-31-06  4:11 pm
Colour Management - when?Royce Howland10-23-06  7:50 pm
Uncontrolled Rotation during stitchingJohn Strait10-23-06  4:54 pm
I must have missed something, CW or CCWDoug Hennessy10-21-06  5:21 pm
Splotchy color in QTDoug Hennessy9-15-06  4:39 pm
Uninstalling V 4.3John Strait9-13-06  8:14 am
A suggestion for naming the setup file.Caroline Evans9-13-06  6:20 am
QTVR Default View HotspotEnoch Pyle9-09-06  12:56 pm
Full spherical, 360 degreeJohn Strait9-04-06  12:21 pm
IPTC/EXIFDierk Haasis8-29-06  3:57 am
Burning QTVR file to DVDLarry Robinson8-21-06  9:05 am
V3.4 only using 50% CPU usageJohn Strait8-16-06  8:59 am
Size of viewing image on a websiteJohn Strait7-28-06  10:41 am
Panorama Factory and HDRRoyce Howland7-14-06  2:49 pm
Replacing images in panorama?John Strait7-14-06  1:29 pm
Different sized imagesJohn Whitling7-10-06  10:15 am
Turning off color correctionJohn Whitling7-10-06  9:29 am
Wrong number of imagesDavid Richardson7-09-06  5:48 pm
Stitch Photos of differebt focal lengthsMartin Hack6-23-06  9:06 am
Panorama multible shotsNykol West6-14-06  2:45 pm
Novice to all this Java/QTVR/etc stuff & Need help pleaseGavin Cosgrave5-21-06  9:08 pm
Quicktime hangs on opening QTVR (.MOV) file John Strait5-19-06  9:44 am
Using PF with DocumentsSonic Typewriter4-26-06  10:48 pm
Strange behaviour on QTVR panoramasMirko Bruni3-30-06  11:59 am
PF changes the colors of our pictures???John Strait3-26-06  11:51 am
Alternative to QT movie output?John Strait3-22-06  7:50 pm
DistortionSteve Maloy3-08-06  1:19 pm
Number of a picturesJohn Strait3-08-06  12:21 pm
Resolution and Print Sizepoker casino983-06-06  2:28 pm
Does it do DDE? This would be great to integrate with ThumbsPlus.poker casino9823-06-06  2:18 pm
QuickTime Still Image Not Installed??poker casino383-06-06  2:18 pm
Will a future version support embedding imagemaps / clickable hotsp...poker casino4823-06-06  2:18 pm
Correct barrel distorion before stitching?poker casino5023-06-06  2:17 pm
Large Images and 64 Bitpoker casino9863-06-06  2:14 pm
What scanning resolution should I use?poker casino5023-06-06  2:14 pm
Focal length during zoomingpoker casino9663-06-06  2:14 pm
Correction of non-regular distortionspoker casino5373-06-06  2:14 pm
Joining two scanned imagespoker casino79010 3-06-06  2:14 pm
45-bit vs. 28-bit settingpoker casino1443-06-06  2:14 pm
Increasing Performancepoker casino983-06-06  2:07 pm
Picture From Zoom Lenspoker casino2833-06-06  2:05 pm
Web Hosting of Panoramic Photos ?Mike Lougee3-06-06  2:03 pm
Odd panning resultspoker casino8393-06-06  2:03 pm
Shift lenspoker casino9343-06-06  2:03 pm
Adding text to QTVRpoker casino4033-06-06  2:03 pm
Dimension of QTVR moviepoker casino6263-06-06  2:03 pm
Why do images need to be all the same size to stitch?poker casino1383-06-06  2:03 pm
Made a panorama image. how to view it??poker casino1553-06-06  2:02 pm
Deleting Parts Of Overlapping Imagespoker casino2383-06-06  2:01 pm
User zoom parameterspoker casino2283-06-06  1:57 pm
Make a filmsequence out of a panorama picturepoker casino8563-06-06  1:56 pm
3d image panoramaspoker casino8673-06-06  1:56 pm
Best way to shoot a 360 x 360 with a 35 mm camerapoker casino9873-06-06  1:55 pm
JPG compression from another program to QTVRpoker casino1463-06-06  1:52 pm
Registrationpoker casino3203-06-06  1:49 pm
Please help me. For me it is necessary Easypano Panoweaver 3.0poker casino4943-06-06  1:46 pm
QTVR hotspot movie chainspoker casino8453-06-06  1:45 pm
Propper Alignment with wide anglepoker casino9933-06-06  1:40 pm
Work Flow / Camera & Lens Sepcspoker casino9053-06-06  1:40 pm
XP and PF3.0poker casino5293-06-06  1:39 pm
Aspherical Lenspoker casino393-06-06  1:39 pm
Blending region vs overlap regionpoker casino8043-06-06  1:35 pm
Washed-out image?poker casino7073-06-06  1:33 pm
Stitching scanned images of large photosuche angel2-26-06  7:57 am
Ghosts (I want to keep a moving Person/Thing)Anthony Koster2-15-06  10:33 pm
Panorama factory --> photoshop --> panorama factory --> qtvr ...brad2-14-06  10:24 pm
Downloading V3.XJohn Strait2-14-06  1:08 pm
Saving a Panorama in 16 bit but with layers ?John Strait2-02-06  8:57 pm
Color SaturationJohn Strait1-31-06  7:47 pm
Lenss Focal CenterJohn Strait1-31-06  7:40 pm
MatrixJerryF1-21-06  12:47 pm
Images rotating when I place stitch pointsMike Lougee1-19-06  4:37 pm
Repositioning within a 360 image for printingJohn Strait1-17-06  6:42 pm
OverlapNorberto1-13-06  1:23 pm
Using "Camera Properties" AND the WizardJohn Strait1-13-06  10:16 am
Newbie questioneugene1-09-06  10:43 am
Filling in Empty SpacesJohn Strait1-06-06  9:41 am
Update to XP 64 versionJohn Strait1-06-06  9:32 am
360 x 360!Hoodia12-29-05  12:51 pm
Using Panorama factory with DreamweaverRita Kershaw12-10-05  1:14 pm
Focal Length for Nikon Coolpix 990robert dunshee12-02-05  3:02 pm
Using images as hotspotsNicky Fox12-02-05  8:44 am
Import windowSteve Lott12-01-05  7:38 pm
Free upgrade from 3.x to v 3.4?John Strait11-26-05  11:32 am
Fisheye stitchingRon Carter11-23-05  10:40 pm
Wide angle lensHans Chr. Andersen11-22-05  6:22 am
Ideal quantity of images for 180 degree qtvr view panorama - or - i...John Strait11-08-05  12:00 pm
Panoramic images will not display full 360 degreesJohn Strait11-08-05  11:55 am
Blending Rectangle & Image ReblendingJohn Strait11-08-05  11:29 am
Deleting old versionJohn Strait11-08-05  11:18 am
Quick Time Internet ExtrasJan Wesbuer11-02-05  6:01 am
Panorama factory 4.0Ernst Hasbach10-28-05  11:37 am
The definition of Shareware vs CRIPPLEwareMichael Kaz10-28-05  6:57 am
Manual stiching correctionsMichael Kaz10-24-05  11:13 pm
PF Ver. 4Jan Wesbuer10-21-05  3:37 am
SharpeningJohn Strait10-20-05  10:03 am
Panorama Factory for Mac OSX?Chris Tekservice10-18-05  2:35 pm
Auto rotate with Quick Time ProJH10-14-05  2:05 am
Darker vertikal portions in the panorama where pictures are stitchedPeter Nink9-28-05  1:25 pm
Erasing only part of an overlap regionJean Pierre Dagenais9-27-05  10:36 pm
Why does the panoramic image have a curved top and bottom?Tom Leech9-22-05  3:29 pm
PT viewer picture freezekyle9-13-05  3:36 am
PT viewer picture freezekyle9-13-05  3:33 am
HFOV for reimporting PTviewer panoramasA Jordan9-12-05  12:49 pm
Finding focal length of camera from imagesLiya Cherian9-05-05  7:56 am
Another kind of alignment error ?John Strait9-01-05  10:27 pm
1.6 Silent installJohn Strait8-21-05  2:18 pm
Rotated imagesJohn Strait8-20-05  11:26 pm
Importing four images PF stitches fiveJohn Strait8-20-05  11:24 pm
PTVIEWER questionshelpplease8-18-05  12:35 pm
Panorama Factory on Windows XP X64Sean Dick8-13-05  5:08 pm
Can't change location with PTViewerFerenc Vagujhelyi8-11-05  6:30 pm
Panoramic images - cropping it before converting to QTVRJohn Strait10 7-24-05  1:11 pm
Can't start application because files cannot be created in the syst...John Strait7-18-05  11:19 am
Won't runJohn Strait7-18-05  11:09 am
Exporting to photoshopJW7-12-05  9:28 am
Print panoramastorJD Vis7-11-05  9:01 am
64bit speed vs. 32bitJohn Strait7-09-05  4:39 pm
Arched ceilings do not stitch?Alexander Russia7-07-05  4:25 am
Multi-row imagesJohn Strait6-29-05  7:57 am
Matrix panoramasJohn Strait6-29-05  7:50 am
Applet does not apearJohn Strait6-29-05  7:48 am
TrimmingJW6-24-05  6:05 am
Focal length of the panoramic imageGabor Sch6-11-05  5:05 pm
Auto-rotate in QuickTime?J H6-08-05  9:31 pm
Windows XP64vasu5-14-05  1:18 pm
Hotpsots/Links for interactive CD-RomJohn Strait5-11-05  4:32 pm
Blurry overlap regionsJohn Strait5-11-05  3:54 pm
Problem with PTviewerJohn Strait5-11-05  3:17 pm
PF as simple image correction toolJohn Strait4-30-05  3:26 pm
Special character on Quicktime panorama hotspotsJan Wesbuer4-21-05  9:38 am
How to unwarp panoramic images?Adriana4-12-05  6:21 am
Cylindrical vs. Spherical ProjectionAdriana4-12-05  6:15 am
Save Panorama as Photoshop Layers?ausoleil4-06-05  8:31 am
Support For Nikon D2X?John Strait4-05-05  9:37 am
Camera support for Dynax 7DJohn Strait4-03-05  4:45 pm
Posting Picture on the WebIsamu Mutie3-18-05  7:30 am
Incorrect stitchingChristopher Leachman3-11-05  3:45 pm
To photoshop and back?John Strait3-09-05  9:35 am
Add and Remove Images from ProjectSteve Mullarkey3-02-05  5:08 pm
Have you considered releasing the source code?hlindqvist3-02-05  3:02 am
Initial pictureJohn Strait2-25-05  10:47 am
Ptviewer webpage templateJohn Strait2-25-05  10:39 am
Making High Dynamic Range (HDR) panoramasCharles Boyer2-22-05  4:03 pm
Installing over old versionRandy Adams2-08-05  10:21 am
V1.6 Install Problem w/Win2KCtein2-07-05  4:27 pm
New Camera ProfilesRay Palleschi1-26-05  8:07 pm
Zoom toolJohn Strait1-26-05  10:19 am
Error Message: "No put routine setupl; probably could not handle im...fouhou 1-24-05  4:58 am
Can we import just one pre-stitched image?John Strait1-18-05  11:39 pm
Hotspots linkingJohn Strait1-18-05  11:30 pm
Can PF handle 180 degree image stitching?John Strait1-18-05  11:28 pm
Large Megapixel Panoramics John Strait1-18-05  11:26 pm
Same serial # for V3.1 English & V3.1 German?John Strait1-08-05  11:50 pm
64Bit EditionJohn Strait12-28-04  2:13 pm
Coolpix 8800John Strait12-28-04  2:07 pm
Out-of-memory during Array Stitching ???John Strait12-13-04  5:44 pm
Viewing a movie inside a web page...John Strait12-02-04  11:11 am
Fine-tuning dilemmaJohn Strait12-01-04  3:24 pm
Sky boxJohn Strait11-29-04  11:07 am
Manual Fine tuneJohn Strait11-29-04  11:04 am
Panarama Paper for Injet PrinterJim Sutton11-22-04  7:22 pm
Rotated images corrected incorrectlyWitty110-18-04  10:55 pm
Reseller?John Strait10-14-04  11:29 am
PF buying by bank transferJohn Strait10-14-04  11:00 am
Weired colour range changeAnna Deter10-05-04  4:56 am
New questionJohn Strait9-29-04  10:01 am
Swing Lens HelpJohn Strait9-29-04  9:56 am
Threads interchangeable?John Strait9-29-04  9:40 am
Is PF version 3.3 limited to 8 BIT ?John Strait9-29-04  9:35 am
A couple of enhance (sharpen) questionsJohn Strait9-29-04  9:26 am
Sales@0-360.comJohn Strait9-25-04  6:01 pm
Standard SLR lensesJohn Strait9-25-04  5:53 pm
Automated JavaJohn Strait9-25-04  5:51 pm
Stitching Snowboarding Photos TogetherAimee9-03-04  9:11 pm
Roll angleJohn Strait8-27-04  11:42 am
How can you get a top and a bottom with a one shot panoramic lens?John Strait8-12-04  10:10 am
How to ''burn'' the date and the time on the image nisa8-12-04  6:14 am
Balancing the interior and exterior lighting on a photoJohn Strait7-22-04  3:01 pm
Tilted angle of viewGerhard Hagen7-14-04  1:24 pm
OverlappingJohn Strait7-12-04  11:05 am
Start with ZoomJohn Strait7-02-04  10:01 am
Rendering finish sound.John Strait7-02-04  9:58 am
Importing qtvr (mov files) causes crashJohn Strait7-02-04  9:57 am
Auto Rotating PanoramaJohn Strait6-29-04  11:02 am
Multi node quicktimeJohn Strait6-24-04  4:14 pm
Creating Flash panoJohn Strait6-24-04  9:31 am
Nodal Point for Minolta A1/A2picard6-23-04  3:13 am
Widest lens settingRobert Blanda6-16-04  1:23 pm
Structure of PFP fileSzymon Madej6-07-04  9:31 am
PTViewer.classJohn Strait6-07-04  8:54 am
Panaramic prints from HP Deskjet 960cGordon Holmes5-31-04  1:33 pm
Soft imagesJohn Strait5-26-04  11:07 am
"Application trasnfered too few scanlines"John Strait5-26-04  10:41 am
File FormatsBryan Dunn5-26-04  10:36 am
IVR file doesn't work after processing with PhotoShopJohn Strait5-19-04  9:07 am
Not enough memory in applet window for image to loadJOHN GDULA5-19-04  8:03 am
Objectsm45-17-04  4:54 pm
Gamma shift on MacintoshLee Dralle5-12-04  5:01 pm
Stitching a 5x2 array - I'm going crazy!John Strait4-24-04  12:59 pm
Pfactory ignores my fine tuning framesGavin4-22-04  6:21 am
Support for digital SLR?John Strait4-12-04  6:56 pm
Digital SLR's John Strait4-12-04  6:53 pm
Getting an ugly error messageJohn Strait4-08-04  8:14 pm
How do I save a panorama in QTVR after I it cut?Johannes Nitschmann4-07-04  7:31 am
Sony DSC-S85bryandunn@webdunnrig4-06-04  12:07 pm
Sony DSC-S85bryandunn@webdunnrig4-06-04  11:53 am
Focal Length ProblemJohn Strait3-12-04  1:10 pm
Starting from a 360 degree panoramaJohn Strait3-02-04  4:07 pm
German language file release?John Strait3-02-04  3:31 pm
PF 3.2?John Strait3-02-04  3:29 pm
Purchasing a new lens and have configuration questionsJohn Sembrot3-02-04  11:16 am
I want an unwarped imageKristoffer Strömblad2-18-04  9:44 am
I'm needing to cofigure panotools with photoshop csPeter Norberg2-10-04  7:46 pm
File sizeJohn Strait2-05-04  10:44 am
Ptviewer helpJohn Strait2-03-04  9:35 am
Value added ResellerKevin1-28-04  8:23 pm
Value added ResellerKevin1-28-04  8:23 pm
Value added ResellerKevin1-28-04  8:21 pm
Other interpolators than bilinearOlaf1-21-04  1:41 pm
Forum section : Feature RequestsJan Wesbuer1-16-04  4:45 pm
Trouble doubleclicking to select an overlap region?dan w1-10-04  10:47 pm
Different background color other than white? Dan Whaley1-10-04  9:45 pm
Grainy Hi-Res Pano'sbd1-10-04  2:52 pm
How can I rotate the imges in manual alignment?John Strait12-21-03  6:51 pm
Problems with big tilts in wide angle?John Strait12-17-03  11:41 am
Saving a project within an exisiting web pageJohn Strait12-10-03  10:48 am
PTviewer Spherical vs. CylindircalJohn Strait12-05-03  11:48 pm
Support of AMD or Intel Processor featuresMatthias Fliegner12-01-03  1:59 pm
Publishing a panorama created with another applicationJohn Strait12-01-03  10:43 am
Initial viewpoint and zoom for IVR (Java viewer)John Strait11-18-03  3:47 pm
Lens DistortionJohn Strait11-18-03  1:53 pm
Help Getting a Pano Right.John Strait11-11-03  5:15 pm
QT panoramas stutterJohn Strait11-10-03  10:21 am
Publishing - out of memory errofJohn Strait11-10-03  10:12 am
Possibility of stiching astronomy's pictures???John Strait11-03-03  4:07 pm
Opening a new browser window from a hotspotJohn Strait10-29-03  3:04 pm
Cubic QTVR. Will it come? If so, when?Jonas10-28-03  3:47 pm
Initial viewpoint and zoom for QTVRJohn Strait10-28-03  2:29 pm
Initial viewpoint and zoom for PTViewerJohn Strait10-28-03  2:28 pm
Why do straight lines get turned into curves?Jim Willmore10-13-03  5:20 pm
Printing a banner on a DeskJet 930c from an iMacGinger Foust10-06-03  9:57 am
Hot spot e DirectorWebJoker.nl9-29-03  6:01 am
ISO settings for best results?John Strait9-17-03  10:24 am
Adding watermark - possible?John Strait9-04-03  3:20 pm
SplicingJohn Strait9-02-03  2:33 pm
Where does PF display computed focal length?John Strait8-14-03  10:51 pm
Hotspots linking to other file rather than web URLJohn Strait8-04-03  6:52 pm
Dr Watsonsarahmckenzie7-22-03  4:53 am
IVR Web VT won't loadJohn Strait7-15-03  3:19 pm
Image layoutKeith Power7-13-03  2:00 am
Upgrade from Standard to BatchingMihai Asgian7-10-03  2:09 pm
Kodak DX 4330 Focal length or library entry ?John Strait7-07-03  6:32 pm
E-10 and Raynox FE180ProJohn Strait6-23-03  9:58 pm
Working with old panoramasJohn Rappold6-11-03  4:06 pm
Widest vertical FOVJohn Strait6-11-03  6:33 am
Batch or unattended capabilities?Rusty Erdman6-10-03  8:10 am
Stitching non-photo materialJohn Strait5-31-03  2:37 pm
A template for fine tuning correctionsMichael Learmonth5-30-03  1:38 pm
Why do I see a join where the images are stitched?John Strait5-15-03  11:30 am
Exposure adjustmentKen Hawkins5-08-03  7:56 am
Macromedia Director 8Manos Niotakis5-07-03  8:11 am
Barrel distortionxxx4-17-03  2:12 pm
Software available on disk?John Strait4-15-03  10:33 am
Layered tif fileRobert Ian Davis4-09-03  12:23 pm
Mac PlatformJohn Strait3-30-03  8:10 am
Memory requirementsJohn Strait3-28-03  12:37 pm
Cannot setup panorama factory under windows XP homeLoustik3-09-03  4:08 pm
Batch ProcessingJohn Strait3-01-03  11:53 pm
Out of Memory... same thing or something newRob Roy2-28-03  11:49 pm
How to download things that aren't dr watson filessd2-18-03  10:47 pm
Temp filesJohn Strait2-12-03  9:51 am
QTVR size limits to about 400x300John Strait2-12-03  8:35 am
QuickTime Still Image John Strait1-21-03  8:18 am
Fhgdfhenok1-20-03  7:19 am
RepetitionJohn Strait1-13-03  1:50 pm
QTVR Panos have a bad quality with 16bit resolutionbluechip12-23-02  8:38 am
Why you?ruvy12-12-02  12:55 pm
Fisheye support?P. Stone11-25-02  6:33 pm
Vertical panoramasJohn Strait11-14-02  5:25 pm
Printing problemsterry trezise11-14-02  5:34 am
Link first and last frameJohn Strait10-29-02  7:55 am
Noblex 150 StitchingJohn Strait10-28-02  8:14 am
Can i make a link between 2 qtvr movies???John Strait10-21-02  9:05 am
Upgrading to Windows XPJohn Strait10-20-02  8:54 am
The output spherical picture is not centeredJazz Singh10-11-02  10:01 am
FrenchFanchon10-04-02  8:13 am
Image quality after stitchingJamie Dyer10-02-02  6:41 am
Will JPEG 2000 (or MYPhotoZip) Formats be supportedLlewellyn Ashdown9-30-02  8:29 am
Printing more than 14inches with 930cJohn Strait9-29-02  5:10 pm
How to Print Panoramas on a Epson 785EPXtahoeartisan9-15-02  6:30 pm
PF image size for the GalleryJohn Strait9-15-02  5:23 pm
Importing a panoJohn Strait9-15-02  5:20 pm
Sony DSC F-707Jim Rich9-03-02  2:55 pm
Resize the pano John Strait8-27-02  11:01 pm
Stitching a sequence shot (w/ subject in each shot)John Strait8-23-02  9:42 am
Partial PanoramasJohn Strait8-21-02  9:02 am
Links within picturesJohn Strait8-18-02  11:01 pm
Will this work with Win XP?John Strait8-14-02  9:10 pm
Digital Camera ProertiesJohn Strait8-08-02  8:49 pm
Sony DSC-F707John Strait8-08-02  8:49 pm
Registration prompt?John Strait8-08-02  12:45 pm
INSTALLING-serial # problemJohn Strait8-08-02  12:43 pm
Print the new PictureRolf Fricke8-07-02  4:21 am
TripodJohn Strait8-06-02  8:18 am
Changing size of the output file John Strait8-04-02  11:39 pm
Copyright notice in QTVRJohannes Schubert8-03-02  6:49 pm
Error saving to QTVR formatJohn Strait8-03-02  5:07 pm
How do you insert the panorama into a website?R. Hills7-30-02  11:38 am
Wish list - any chance of any luck?pedro.silva7-29-02  11:33 am
Printing to Epson 785EPX on 8.5" wide roll paperR. Dulina7-28-02  7:39 pm
Diagonal Red LinesJohn Strait7-22-02  9:21 pm
Importing into FrontPage 2000rock7-18-02  5:27 pm
Fish eye lensArne7-13-02  9:04 pm
SharpeningJohn Strait7-13-02  8:50 am
Deletedennis7-12-02  10:03 am
Can't launch programJohn Strait7-12-02  7:30 am
Printing on multiple pages with no marginsJohn Strait7-08-02  10:41 pm
StitchingJohn Strait7-07-02  4:46 pm
Scanning discrepanciesJohn Strait7-01-02  7:45 am
When I save the picture, why does it save so many components?tkbozeman6-21-02  11:10 am
Stitching Night ShotsJohn Strait6-18-02  9:23 pm
Fisheye photoEmiel6-14-02  4:38 pm
Downloading V (?)John Strait5-28-02  7:38 am
Hotspot - what app. to use?Peter Frank5-28-02  7:24 am
Maximum sizeJohn Strait5-24-02  7:30 am
Emailing the finished panorama?royal ottmar5-18-02  11:41 am
Save as 48 bit Tiff to read in PhotoshopJohn Strait5-11-02  6:15 pm
How do I set the JPEG quality for saving?Royal Ottmar5-03-02  7:52 am
Joining together parts of a circuit diagramJohn Strait4-19-02  8:45 am
Software used for your GalleryJohn Strait4-17-02  10:53 pm
My qtvr panos are jumpy when I panshoebee4-16-02  2:43 am
Panorama without plugin but with interactivity??Colin4-07-02  7:07 pm
Web publicationroy foster4-02-02  12:43 pm
Blue cast on printMacca4-01-02  8:17 am
Cant crop a qvtr?John Strait3-30-02  6:19 pm
Hot-spotJohn Strait3-30-02  6:08 pm
PostersJohn Strait3-30-02  6:05 pm
Create ThumbnailsJohn Strait3-30-02  6:00 pm
Panorama Factory updates?John Strait3-26-02  8:23 am
Compression Ratio of Input JPEG FilesJohn Strait3-26-02  8:16 am
Only one row of imported imagesJohn Strait3-26-02  8:10 am
How to create this panoramic image?John Strait3-21-02  11:10 pm
Why are panoramas produced by [another stitcher application] sharpe...Bill S3-10-02  7:24 pm
Multirow stiching suggestion and Cropping annoyanceAndrew Baron3-02-02  11:42 am
Have you thought about doing just a plug-in for Photoshop?George Aquilon2-13-02  1:30 am
Auto play *.mov?John Strait1-20-02  11:37 am
Are you planning to add capability to include other "rows" of image...John Strait1-20-02  11:33 am
Photoshop File SupportJohn Strait1-20-02  11:32 am
Could Fine Tune be made to recognize a pattern?John Strait1-20-02  11:15 am
Import picturesJohn Strait1-20-02  11:07 am
MacJ.B. Fox12-22-01  2:57 pm
The platformAnne MacKenzie12-06-01  11:30 am
Suggestion for better fine tune mechanismjkoopstra12-03-01  3:50 am
Problem installing ver. 2.4John Strait11-30-01  6:51 pm
Recognizing additional properties of images from digital camerasGreg11-29-01  11:57 pm
Can Olympus C4040 use settings for C3040?John Strait11-24-01  11:22 am
Fine tuning "undoing" itselfJohn Strait11-15-01  11:23 am
Fine TuningJohn Strait11-15-01  11:22 am
Color management profile support Richard Brody11-11-01  8:10 pm
Stitching flatbed scans of oversized flat documentsJohn Strait11-09-01  11:36 pm
How can I generate a cubic panorama with PF??tino10-24-01  4:06 am
PF support of multiple panorama stitching (2-3 strips)?John Strait10-16-01  10:55 pm
Quality loss when ZoomingJohn Strait10-15-01  7:32 pm
Autospin problemRichard Luke10-06-01  6:08 pm
Pentium4Jim Cecchini9-27-01  3:25 pm
No printout from V2.3John Strait9-22-01  4:06 pm
Scrolling panoramasGuitaro9-12-01  5:03 pm
Hardware requirementsBernard Harrison8-28-01  4:45 pm
Pictures importing like "negatives"John Strait8-25-01  11:33 am
Rugged horizonJohn Strait8-25-01  11:25 am
Any chance at spherical projection?B. Junck8-12-01  6:55 am
Creating QTVR with QT5 in Windows XPJohn Strait8-07-01  9:48 pm
'Out of Memory' on Win2K Professionalfvbest7-31-01  9:33 pm
Support for VR creationJohn Strait7-25-01  9:14 pm
Higher Quality when zoomingRick Alexander raZ6-23-01  3:26 am
How do i take the photo's!?John Strait6-22-01  10:59 am
Determining focal lenght, manually.John Strait6-22-01  9:44 am
Mac OS compatibilityJohn Strait6-20-01  7:34 am
Preload pictureJohn Strait6-11-01  8:11 am
Reduce weight for web panoramaJohn Strait6-05-01  4:25 pm
Windows 2000John Strait6-05-01  4:24 pm
Auto panning moviesIan5-23-01  7:28 am
Importing PanoramasJohn Strait5-18-01  9:04 pm
Viewing 360 PicturesJames5-14-01  5:00 pm
Does PF have a batch modeJohn Strait5-10-01  7:56 am
Does PF utilize a transparent color?Ron Pritchett5-08-01  5:14 pm
Black lines in printing out and in print previewJohn Strait4-04-01  7:36 am
Compaq scanner programArdis Millage2-07-01  9:50 am
How can save in a format I can use in Photoshop?Anonymous2-01-01  5:15 am
240 Degree PictureJohn Strait1-30-01  7:34 am
Is there a way to manually force images into alignment?John Strait1-30-01  7:21 am
No new image after fine tuningJohn Strait1-08-01  10:22 pm
Somebody must make a similar product for MacinoshJohn Strait1-08-01  10:16 pm
Opening faultJohn Strait12-19-00  8:10 am
True Spherical Panoramas starting with PF?Louis12-12-00  2:06 am
Virtual navigationFelice11-16-00  6:03 pm
"Debug" Output log?John Strait11-04-00  11:44 am
360 object panorama (like for komodo)John Strait10-06-00  7:26 pm
How can I adjust contrast and saturation?John Strait9-01-00  11:37 am
BANNER PANORAMAJohn Strait8-29-00  11:14 am
Hi 8 8 mm video camerasJohn Strait8-21-00  10:11 pm
GhostsJohn Strait7-29-00  11:10 pm
Send a 360John Strait7-22-00  9:57 am
Uploading jpg file to PhotoPoint-can't do??????John Strait6-25-00  6:47 pm
Installing the new version V2.0John Strait6-08-00  7:56 am
Different exposure at ends give edge in PMVR - What to do?John Strait5-17-00  11:15 pm
Cant open program - missing export MFC42.DLL 8877John Strait5-07-00  1:58 pm
Why can't I get the program to import images from disk?John Strait4-23-00  5:55 pm
Importing PicturesJohn Strait4-22-00  2:22 pm
Image bending when printedJohn Strait4-06-00  3:43 pm
Camera Make and Lens usedJohn Strait4-06-00  3:23 pm
Print and Save View As commands greyed outJohn Strait3-05-00  11:53 am
Vertical stitch linesJohn Strait2-06-00  6:06 pm
Is there a way to stop a procedure midstream?John Strait12-11-99  6:02 pm
Why is a trim considered a quality degradation?John Strait12-07-99  8:46 pm
Why does my stitched file look so dark?John Strait12-07-99  8:40 pm
Why are images saved at 72 dpi files (*.tif) when they started at 3...John Strait11-02-99  12:51 pm
It would be nice to be able to change the program defaultsJohn Strait10-28-99  5:18 pm
Should I use a frame size of 36Hx24W for portrait pictures, and 24H...John Strait10-28-99  3:37 pm
How much overlap do I need?John Strait10-26-99  11:47 am
Why do some image pairs have incorrect (very small) overlap?John Strait10-26-99  11:11 am
Why is the Color panel (Tools menu) grayed out?John Strait10-19-99  11:19 pm
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